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How We Can Help - Step by Step

We take it step by step with you. It is easy to work with us and provide you all the needs we can for you to make the right decisions.

Step 1: The Meeting

Let's meet up or talk on the phone before we start our project. This means we get down to business when we know what you want.

Step 2: The Work Done by Us

Allow us to do the hard work for you by giving us all the details needed for us to work to our best and provide you the best.

Step 3: The Finale

We go through a few revisions with you according to your liking. This will then finalize the work in order for you to get business done.

Services We Provide

Copywriting, Content Writing, Article Writing

Our writing style is friendly, warm and funny in order to make your customers and clients feel at home and willing to reach out to you as soon as possible. We write in a colloquail and easy to understand method which speaks to your target audience or market to achieve maximum effect.

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Services We Provide

Website Design

Our designs are current and up to date. This provides the latest programming available to your customers or clients who should also be tech savvy and own the latest phones, computers and tablets.

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Services We Provide

Social Media Marketing

We all know that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is now very important for all businesses to include them for marketing. But a lot of businesses do not know how to utilise these platforms to its advantage, what more create posts and content for their businesses to thrive. With our help, you will be able to create a long lasting presence on these social media platforms in order to gain an edge over other competitors of your industry.

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Heros Behind The Company

Creative Team

We work for you not so much so that we can make a living. It's such that if you succeed in your project, we succeed too. That's why we pride ourselves in providing the best we can to assist you in your endeavours.

Victor Oh


Jeanette Tan


Tim Yee


Choose The Best

Our Packages

We cater to a variety of projects that range from the small to the ambitious.

Social Media Marketing
From RM 50 /day Recommended for all business serious to increase their activity on social media with additional profits
  • From 1 hour of work per day
  • FREE Consultation
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RM 1200 /PROJECT Recommended for website content and blog content
  • 30 hours of work
  • 4 revisions
  • FREE Consultation
  • Delivers in 7-10 Business Days
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Customize Your Project
RM 50 /HOUR Recommended for ambitious projects.
  • More than 30 hours of Work
  • 5 Revisions Maximum
  • FREE Consultation
  • Delivery to be decided after consultation
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Lets Get In Touch

We'd love to hear from you. Please call or email us any time that you wish. We can't wait to hear from you.

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